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Dengue Outbreak

Despite all the mosquito fogging, dengue is a very real problem in Singapore. It rains here nearly every day. It’s humid, all the time. Perfect conditions for mosquito breeding. Fogging cannot possibly control all the mosquitos.

And the numbers of reported cases of dengue fever are on the rise.

There is one cluster outbreak near our home in Singapore, I noticed this sign as I was riding my bike home from the market one morning.


The next week I rode by again and
noticed that there were now 10 cases of dengue in this area near our home.


Dengue is very serious, and can be life threatening, so each of us must do our part to stop the mosquito breeding by eliminating any standing water around our homes.

Here is a link to a very popular Singapore blogger, Mr. Brown. He wrote and composed “The Mozzie Wipe Out Dance!” Check it out, it’s a super cute video of Mr. Brown and his family!


Fogging for Mosquitos

When we first landed in Singapore, we knew that mosquitos might be a problem. I mean, it IS a tropical climate, its hot, humid, and it rains nearly every day. Perfect for mosquitos.

Except that Singapore has it completely dialed in on how to handle the mosquito population. It’s called “fogging”.

It’s done in public places, each condo does it, private landed houses do it. Most on a weekly schedule, that is never missed. Our condo, Gallop Green, does it every Wednesday at 10:00 am.

What is fogging? These mysterious men show up, and they literally fog the place with mosquito-killing chemicals. It gets so foggy, it looks like white smoke, until it evaporates. It’s terrifying to me. I know to stay inside with windows shut when this goes on outside. And I know not to go into the pool for a few hours afterwards, as it only took one time for me to realize that you can literally taste the chemicals in the water.

This is a picture from my living room window, looking down at the pool.




What is so astounding to me is that many of my neighbors do not shut their windows as this goes on, and some have their laundry drying on racks on their patios or balconies. I am terrified of the chemicals, and will avoid it at all costs.

I ride my bike all over Singapore, and as I am riding, I can see the white fog all over. I zig zag across streets to avoid these spots. Who knows what the longterm effects of the chemicals used are?

However, as a result, while there ARE still mosquitos, the population is drastically reduced. Oh, yes, I have been bitten by these tropical blood suckers .. and they leave an itch like nobodies business. It’s a persistent itchiness that lasts for weeks, at least on me. And nothing takes it away. I have scars on my legs now from this! Such a lovely tattoo of sorts to remind me of my time living abroad? Is that a good way to spin it?

And Shane had a bug bite that became weirdly bubbly and infected, and even after a course of antibiotics, it took about a month to resolve, and has left a nice scar on his wrist.