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Crazy for Cronuts

Ever hear of a cronut? Well, a cronut is only the most delicious pastry you could ever taste. Its a croissant donut mix, and it’s heavenly. Fortunately for me, they are sold at a nice Italian bakery not far from our place. Unfortunately for me, they must have about as many calories as a big mac.

The first time I went to this bakery, with my friend Scott and his mom who was visiting from Richmond Virginia, I also ordered an iced tea to go with my Nutella cronut. They asked, “with or without ice cream?” I’m thinking, ice cream?? In my iced tea? Well, that’s a no brainer, of course WITH the ice cream! I was a little unsure about this, but always ready to try something new, I was excited to find out what this “ice creamed iced tea” was all about. Well, it was a normal iced tea, with a large scoop of lemon ice cream, and as it melted, it sweetened & flavored the tea! Fantasic!!




So if you live in Singapore, you must search our Brunetti’s in Tanglin Mall, and get yourself a cro-nut!!

Link to Cafe Brunetti in Tanglin Mall:
Here is a link to read more about Cronuts: