SAS Math Excellence Award

Each teacher at the Singapore American School is allowed to award two exceptional students at the end of each year. Maria was surprised and honored when she was recognized by her math teacher!



This has been one heck of a year, a lot of ups and downs, adjusting to a new school, a new culture, a new country. Trent and I couldn’t be more proud of our beautiful daughter! As I write this post, Maria is taking a final, finishing up her freshman year. She is already thinking about colleges, (leaning towards Duke) , and while I am so excited for her and her future, I am sick to my stomach when I think about her leaving. I will continue to treasure each and every second that I have with my amazing Maria!!



English class

Maria loves her english class. It’s her favorite subject, her favorite class. And it shows consistently in her work. She has a terrific teacher this year, who totally appreciates her effort. Here are some snip-its from him on some of her work.




And of course, you cannot help but love anyone who sings to Maria, as we all have done throughout the years. This teacher even goes so far to sing to her in his comments!! Love that!


Lyssa zampa



In the last few weeks, there have been hundreds of sightings of a huge moth in Singapore, the Lyssa zampa, also known as the Tropical Swallowtail Moth.  They have been spotted all over the island,  there are photos of them trending on Instagram, Facebook is cluttered with photos, people everywhere are talking about this bug.




It’s huge!!  And yes, it is a normal resident of Singapore, all the time, but not normally seen.    But recently, there has been a sudden increase in the sightings of this moth, which hasn’t been seen in such large numbers as this since 2005.  Usually they are still during the daylight, resting lightly, until the sunset when they become active.  Like all moths, they are attracted to light, so those residents here who either don’t have or don’t use air conditioning and have their windows open have had these visiting moths come right into their homes.


Many have reported that they initially though it was a bat in their house, as the moth is so big, about the size of a human hand. It’s kind of ugly like a bat too.
There was one in our parking garage this week, as the boys and I were coming home from swim practice. The boys jumped out to take some photos, excited to see such a ginormous creature. Another moth was trapped in our elevator foyer for my building, where one of the guards at my condo was patiently holding the door open, just waiting for the moth to fly out.



There is a Chinese superstition that these visiting moths that come right into homes are actually visiting dead relatives. 
I find the Chinese superstitions very interesting, I think I will have to research a bit more into them.


Today, when complaining to a friend that I have these teeny tiny, nearly microscopic ants in my house, everywhere, I was told that is good luck. What?? Ants in my home are good luck?? No, it’s only the teeny tiny ants. The big ants are bad luck. Well, that makes sense to me now. Everyone I know here has ants in their house, mostly the teeny tiny ones. There is no way of getting rid of the ants, there are so many they could probably pick me up in my sleep and carry me away. So yes, might as well believe that many teeny tiny ants is good luck!!



Cales IT Media video


My creative Cale made this video for his IT Media class at the Singapore American School.   I was super impressed when I watched this!!!  Here’s what he wrote:

“After a long couple months, I have finally completed this 5 minute long video. It is about a bank robber… but will have to find out the rest… I did this project at SAS in IT Media. Enjoy!”



Don’t take the toilet water


Seriously, a sign is needed for this? I saw this posted in a public restroom this morning, at a park where I was joining a Dragon Boat crew for the morning . Here is a pic of what the water looked like



Seeing how dirty the water is, perhaps the toilet water is cleaner?

Oh, and the fine for smoking here is doubled to $2000 !!

History of Dragon Boats:
Kallang Riverside Park:
American Dragon Boating:

Baby Pufferfish

Today Cale and I spent a couple hours at the beach, where we met a man who was fishing by casting a net into the surf.  We were swimming nearby him, thinking there was no way he was going to catch anything exciting so close to us.  Boy were we wrong!

He caught the cutest baby Pufferfish! And of course he picked it up for us so we could get a good look!




Pufferfish information :

East Coast Park, Singapore: